If I get fed enough that people start focusing me...

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MagiaIce posted...
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So far Warmogs seems to be good on everyone.


League of Draaaaaa- Warmoggggggssssss.

Welcome, to the League of Draaaaaaaaaaagmogs.
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I switch to hide and clean up mode when that happens :p
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TobyFoby posted...
I switch to hide and clean up mode when that happens :p

This is your best bet, just position yourself better besides if your that fed you should be able to take out 1 champ and maybe half health of another before you die. Also depends on the champ, wont make much sense to Build a zhonyas on Darius.
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Can the rest of your team do damage?

1. If yes, the spend teamfights kiting enemies around, baiting spells, or position yourself so that while they turn their attention to you they leave themselves open to your team. Often times when I snowball and start getting focused I can swing teamfights into a 1 for 3+ by sacrificing myself and letting my team clean up.

2. If no, don't teamfight. Ever.