To all you people who have recently picked up Miss Fortune: STOP IT!!

#11God_of_GorePosted 2/19/2013 8:33:01 AM
I've been playing her since Season 1.
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In my mind I do believe she is OP slightly. But I am not worried about people playing her correctly, I am worried about people playing her and LEARNING her and then using her to beat the masses. Thus starting an outcry of nerf MF threads that will eventually come to pass. I want people to learn their own champ, or just stop playing her in general.

There were a few reasons I picked up MF, one of the main ones was that nobody knew how to play her correctly thus she became labeled as a horrible adc. Hell if you look at guides on how to play adc champs, ALL the adc champ guides have specific lane matchups and damn near 95% of them do not include a lane matchup against Sarah. It made me laugh on the inside how so many ppl sleep on her.

Now I am just worried, maybe over-worried, about her popularity leading to a nerf that I don't believe she actually deserves. Give her an instant escape over a wall, a free flash, a MS steroid, a AD steroid, a stun, a long range attack, a blind or damn SOMETHING! She lacks so much utility.

She has a poke that is one of the more difficult ones to master, a passive that is 100% useless in a fight, a very mediocre slow, a nice AS steroid and a very situational ult that is hard to use with 100% efficiency.

The whining will cause her to be nerfed, people will label her weak after the nerf and stop playing her all together. Just makes my job harder to accomplish for no reason in the end.
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AStrawhatPirate posted...
Sarah is mine!

why did you give her a silly dog name, her name is MF.
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Thank you for convincing me to try Miss Fortune. Will probably buy her too.
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