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3 years ago#11
An early Twin Shadows is really fun on him. You can sell it later once you need the item slot but it provides a lot of help in lane.
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3 years ago#12
Is thornmail worth it on Galio? I mean...if you get a really good ult off, you're doing extra damage to most of their team with the thornmail. It forces their ADC to wreck themselves. I would think thornmail is the only armor item you would need. If their AD is really giving you trouble, maybe add in a FH.
3 years ago#13
Yes, Thornmail is great, my typical build:

Merc's Treads
Runic Bulwark
Abyssal Scepter
Warmogs (flavor pick, and it is the League of Health)

Runes give me:
Armor + 20.9
Magic Resist + 24.1

Turn into annoyingly unkillable Tank that gets a everyone forced to lock onto? So much fun
3 years ago#14
if you swap out thornmail for randuin's you get a better passive and an active
while the passive may make it hard to max out the dmg from your ult, just remember you can use your active... keep em clumped even after ult and aoe the crap out of the team

that way you also can MAYBE get rid of warmogs and get deathcap

im a fan of deathcap on galio
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