So is it even possible to beat Olaf as Jarvan?

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chances are he took ghost. so your ult can trap him pretty easily. you do need a gank tho. and to be al il careful til level 6.

Lmao trapping yourself with an olaf is the last thing you want to do

Why would you even think about trapping yourself in with an Olaf by yourself? Get a gank and trap you and your jungler in there with him as he gets bent over because he thought it was a good idea to take ghost against J4.
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Fool. If he maxes E, then u have to commit to a 1v1. If he maxes Q, you poke and harass, however possible.

You can't out poke a 'Q' Olaf, especially as Jarman. You'd have to start with pure pots and then you have no armor to negate the 'q' and if you start cloth then you don't have enough pots to out-last olaf.