I duo'd with my silver friend last night.

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I'm in silver 3 and I can tell you that very rarely happens, most games there is always at least 2 people raging and trolling.

Not in EU servers. (silver III here).
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championxxx posted...
I've had some better games at Silver than I have at Gold. It's all about the teammates that you get.

This. All my gold games were ridiculously one-sided and both teams have been amazingly bad in all my games. Silver I wasn't too bad though.
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when you see someone switch their role when they see OP champ are not banned(malphite/amumu/blitz/shen etc) DON'T they think they are OP but totally sucked with them and ended up losing your game.

'Last game got thrown by buff giving/turret diving/non liandyr amumu when I had 3/1 ratio' He dived with ult when nobody was around.
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Bronze = mostly bad players and no communication

Silver = 1/2 bad players and basic communication

Gold = some bad players better communication, but unwarranted elitism starts here

People dislike silver so much because most people in silver have some idea of how to play, but execute it poorly or have no flexibility in their gameplay. Bronze can be roflstomped if you aren't braindead and gold you actually have to pay attention. The middle ground in silver sucks, mainly because people think they know what's right.
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Gold = some bad players better communication, but unwarranted elitism starts here

There's a lot of that in Silver too, really. "Noob, should have given me Mid, I would have done so much better." Everyone thinks that the way out of Silver is to hard carry themselves. High Gold/Plat is where you start seeing people who know they have to rely on their team a little bit.