Why don't we have a dinosaur/lizardman based champ????

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To be fair, I wouldn't mind a less humanoid dinosaur champ. Like a triceratops jungler or something.
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Crocodiles are reptiles not lizards, Lizards are also reptiles.
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EDumey posted...
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It really bugs me that you missed a letter here.

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Eh, I know TC asked for a lizardman or dinosaur, but thematically Renekton fits the same tropes.

It'd be like if Urf was released, then someone asked for a dugong-like character.

Or if there was like a giraffe, and then someone asked for an okapi-like character.

Although yeah, like someone said. Maybe a 4 legged dinosaur could be cool. I really doubt it, Riot said non-humanoids don't sell well.
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Dartkun posted...
Riot said non-humanoids don't sell well.

I disagree with their position on this, although...it has to be original without being ridiculous. I think that's the difficulty they have with it.


Omen was a terribad idea.

Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw were genius.
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Turtle are reptiles too so ramsus would fit in as well.
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Birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. Therefore, Anivia.
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