PBE UPdate: Darius Nerf

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2 years ago#1
"Warwick are you gonna jungle?"
"No I'm standing by the wolves because I miss my family?"
2 years ago#2
Alpha Strike had an AD ratio?
10-6-12 The day LoL kept crashing to save the wards.
2 years ago#3
I miss the old bork already and it's not even in the live game yet.
ign toki
2 years ago#4
NO they took yi's ad ratio away...
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2 years ago#5
Interesting way to nerf him.
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2 years ago#6
Good, the spamhappy working of that move has been egregious for...nope, it can still chain Kill Secure. >_> At least it is now only during 12 seconds time.
2 years ago#7
They really want to keep the AP Yi thing going, don't they
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2 years ago#8
Makes sense

Darius is fighting x champion top. Both of them ult but Darius wins by 1% and lives, x dies.

Now Darius can bully x in lane until their ult comes back since he still has his. The ability to slowball is insane for Darius.

Much prefer this one
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(edited by Dartkun)
2 years ago#9
Reaper_Minion posted...
Interesting way to nerf him.

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2 years ago#10
is that a Taric buff? WTF RIOT
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