How can a game be so popular yet unpopular at the same time?

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zhe_king_of_ape posted...
No one in my school knows this game

>Tfw Same
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I don't know, I found a friend that plays this game. And another friend that plays this game.
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Rihawf posted...
I don't know, I found a friend that plays this game. And another friend that plays this game.

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it is an effect known as the vocal minority. In general, people who are content with the game will not state their satisfaction.

However, when someone is dissatisfied, they will be loud as hell and annoy everyone to no end. If you look at the topics on this board, most of it will be people being mad at the game. Going by topic titles alone, you would think that this game is terrible and hated. For this reason it is easy to think that the community has a negative attitude.

even if 1of5 ppl hate this game, the 1 will always be louder than the 4 ppl who silently enjoy the game.
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Because the only people who play league are pretty much socially awkward people who dont tell anyone about the game

Yea because WoW players are not socially awkward?
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League is a huge game. But if you go on other sites with video game related content. People are always like "What the hell is this?" So, how can a game that's bigger than COD and Pokemon go unnoticed by so many other gamers?

How is everybody ignoring the fact that he just said League of Legends is bigger than Call of Duty and Pokemon? Am I the only one who realizes how much BS that is?
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