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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#1
wow....that was insane. Went against a Darius, was absolutely brutal. Just destroyed him, went 14/4.

atk dmg reds and quints, armor yellows, mr per level blues
opened up with a ward and potions (all potions)
then in order:
beserker greaves
wits end
blade of the ruined king
spirt visage

I wasnt sure on sixth item. The amount of eff's I gave borderlined on none. Just landing q into group, flying in, throw up ultimate, knocking everyone around, throwing lantern out, while doing huge damage and a ton of survivablity.

Must try more.

User Info: InvalidMod

4 years ago#2
I never found Thresh top very good. He just gets bullied so hard in lane. Teamfights hes a pain in the dick
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