So in the debut of that nerdcore Gamecrib show Xspecial and Regi play blame game

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Regi and Xspecial basically act like Dyrus and Oddone threw all the games leading up to worlds but as I recall they all sucked.

Never heard any of the members act like it was one or two of the members fault and I don't remember the two of them doing anything that horrible, besides Dyrus picking Darius into a Jayce when Jayce was pretty OP at the time. Just pretty interesting how out of the blue now the heat's on Dyrus and Oddone for some reason, not like Regi, Xspecial and Chaox did well at all in any of those games.
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I like how they all came out at the worlds looking like *******s and then getting stomped and acting like they lost just because Woong took one look at the screen. Xpecial has no one to blame when he missed most Leona E's and Regi is... well, Regi.
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link pls
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I would agree that Dyrus is their weakest member but idk how Odd One is the reason they lose considering Odd One is the only reason Regi ever gets kills anyways
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do you guys remember how dyrus got killed as darius at his own turret by a vladimir at level 4?
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