Best Mid for Ranked ATM?

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User Info: SergeantGander

4 years ago#11
I feel like with Ryze, by the time I get to late and can start carrying. My team has already gotten behind and is playing the finger pointing blame game. :/

I personally like Lux lately. Dat AOE if you can get fed you can carry pretty hard. Walk part way down/up river boom, tell your lanes to fight, lasor, hope your teammate(s) can finish them off.
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User Info: beastmanjenkins

4 years ago#12
I honestly believe Akali has the potential to be a top tier mid lane, at least in my tier. I have faced tons of different mids and have very rarely ever been unable to dominate. Lay your shroud and hide until you can poke/farm and take advantage of Akali's absurd damage output...before the inevitable nerf.
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