Sejuani/Lux/Dariyus vs. Jayce/Darius/Garen

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CloudandYuffie posted...
You had a bad sejauni then. Should of instagib jayce with sejauni's ult and lux's stun mixed with darius ult. Garen and darius can't get near enough to kill lux so they would have to focus sejauni and darius which are both tanky. both Garen and darius cant do any damage to sej so it would be free damage from her.

I was Sejuani, and you're talking about a perfect situation in which Jayce dies immediately from my whole team, though regardless of that point he generally did very little for their team when he wasn't dead. I'm also not sure where you're coming from when you say both Garen and Darius can't do any damage to Sejuani. They can, and I can damage them right back. Garen still gets away for free every single time.

Bottom-line; feed on Garen early game between me and him top, and kill Darius and Jayce many times over. Their team still got a free win because Garen is Garen and because the game lasts longer than it should have (despite getting two Baron buffs), Garen is able to tank all three of our champs with ease.
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Lord Sojiro posted...
Did you guys have Blackfire Torch/BotRK?

Blackfire Torch is one of the first things I built, not sure about Lux. I didn't build Blade of the Ruined King, because I'm Sejuani, but I didn't see it activate at all so Darius probably didn't either. Now that you mention it, it probably would have helped a lot.
I just want Card Sagas Wars. Seriously, I'd do anything, just give me Card Sagas Wars. Please.
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A tanky Darius FED (as you claimed) will beat Garen pretty hard. Sej is a nightmare to kill with Garen, and she can be quite destructive against melee in general. Lux... just dies to tanky champs like the opposing team if she can't say safe.

It sounds to me like you're making excuses for failing late game. Also, they had more damage and tankiness over all on their team. Letting the game run too long means that they get the farm necessary to fill out their build, so you being fed doesn't mean crap. I've lost a fewof 3's games by letting it go past the 30 minute mark and seeing an impossible comeback.

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