Couple of Talon questions

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3 years ago#1
Just tried him last night and I have some questions:

1) What's his skill order? I'm guessing it's W-Q-E, then max W, but I'm not so sure
2) Does he always have mana issues, or am I just spamming his abilities too much?
3) Just how am I supposed to use his ult? Escape? Kite them, then trigger the second part?

Thanks in advance.
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3 years ago#2
His ult is for massive damage to the entire team essentially. E to the ADC, assassinate him in a second, then ult to smash everyone else in the team fight and run away safely. He's pretty straightforward >_>
3 years ago#3
You jump to the enemy with e and q then pop your ghostblade and kill them and then use your ult to escape + deal a little aoe but it wont scratch tanks unfortunetly. Max w first and try and use it before your ghostblade so you can take advantage of his passive.
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3 years ago#4
I think there used to be a debate on whether or not you max Q or W first. I think it comes out though that W takes advantage of his passive way better, and allows you to actually wave clear reliably so you can roam. So W it is. Though maybe technically Q is better for single target assassination? I dunno the intricacies of that one.

Yes, he has some mana issues, but in general, early game you are just one-comboing someone and backing. It's just meant to punish you for making too many mistakes with your combo really.

You should focus on using your Ult for more burst. Yes it has great utility with stealth and allows you to massively juke people. But Talon has AMAZING kill potential on pretty much anyone in the game as soon as he hits 6. Mash those keys and stick to a target and it's likely that they will end up dying.
3 years ago#5
So it's pretty much E-W-Q then finish with Ignite or R.

Also, Ghostblade on Talon over BC?
Question: What is with the internet's love of hyperbole?
3 years ago#6
shingo fan posted...
So it's pretty much E-W-Q then finish with Ignite or R.

Also, Ghostblade on Talon over BC?

BC is amazing on Talon because you can affect the entire enemy team with it via W and R.

However, if someone else on the team who can stack it on them fairly quickly has one (Like MF with her ult) or it's not needed for whatever reason, then Ghostblade is still very good. More flat pen, plus the active to get that little bit more out of your passive and the extra MS.

But yes, generally BC is better for the team as a whole. Your ADC can abuse the living hell out of you stacking everyone.
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3 years ago#7
Think of the combo as e q w and r, putting yourself in a path to escape and damage them simultaneously.

Focus on pushing turret and roaming, the ms boost on r and e to gap close is more than enough to dive turrets and get away.

If you aren't fed enough to 100-0 their ad you need to farm better ealier. Ad mids generally have an easy enough farming. Pick easy targets while farming up, but after a few quick items like thirster and cleaver with mobo its easy enough to burst anyone you can reach.

If you aren't killing with r and escaping simultaneously you need to rethink how you are playing your assassins... Talon is one of the easiest as far as disengage, farming, and burst goes.. any assassin must farm up quickly, roam effectively, and disengage kills on crucial targets without dying; talons kit makes this all very easy
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3 years ago#8
Using your E can be situation. It's only a one second silence, so you can treat it as more of a mini-stun rather than an initiation. Obviously if you're just trying to get the jump on someone then the free blink is good, but it might be better to save it for after they flash or something.

The easiest example I can think of is something like Fiddlesticks. You get close enough to W him. He's slowed. Maybe you get in range for a passive procced auto. Likely he's going to use his fear on you. As soon as that's out and he's draining, use your E to cut off his drain and proceed to wreck.

Or for a more practical and common scenario: fighting an Ezreal. He's going to want to kite you, so you either use your E to follow his Arcane Shift, rather than initiating with it, or wait to try and cut in before a Q, so he doesn't get his IBG/TF proc on you.

I dunno, it's weird. The point I'm trying to make is that you don't ALWAYS want to initiate with E.
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