Do you prefer locked camera or free?

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3 years ago#21
instead of clicking your mouse, your abilities fire at what your mouse is hovering over as soon as you press the key.

Also how can anyone play locked. There is so much going on.
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3 years ago#22
actively switching between locked and unlocked with spacebar, smartcast
3 years ago#23
Unlocked and smartcast since level 5 baby
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3 years ago#24
Unlocked and smartcast because I'm not bad
3 years ago#25
2Dhas_a_MIGRANE posted...
If I'm blue and doing something easy like laning or walking around then I'll lock but anything more and I'll unlock. I also always unlock as purple.

I smartcast everything except Veigar's prison.

Click to enable range indicators, hold down e to aim, have a much faster reaction time to ganks and being able to nuke
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3 years ago#26
Locked (but with toggle bound to spacebar), and dumbcast.

Yes, I am just a lowly lowbie, but I kinda like preparing my skills and lining up my shots, choosing not to use them if things don't turn out as favourably as I had anticipated (plus the blue bar helps me see if there happens to be some damn creep in my way). It also lets me line up creep-destroying AoEs more nicely.
3 years ago#27
free cam, smart cast
3 years ago#28
Howdy7777777 posted...
What is the advantage of locked camera? I don't like it because I can't check the rest of the map as needed and if its crowded I can always hold down spacebar for no extra effort.

There is no advantage to locked camera except for people that, like they said, lose themselves in teamfights.

Minimap lets you see players faces, but I have no idea how someone can arrive to a fight and know if they should be going in or not when you can't be watching the fight the entire team as you run down to know if ults are used, who has what health, etc. This also applies to stuff like knowing when to go gank. I am constantly flipping around to other lanes and watching them play so I have the information very quickly as to whether I should suddenly bolt to try and help a lane or not.

Try playing with a locked camera and teleport >_>
3 years ago#29
Free camera with smart cast.

I don't think I even remember using a locked camera when I started. I switched to all smart cast after about a year and a half of playing LoL.
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3 years ago#30
Free camera and dumbcast.

Dumbcast is simply way more efficient when learning champions, and I often find myself jumping to different champions because I get bored easily.

However, if I am playing one of my regulars who I know the ins and outs of, I switch to smartcast and never look back.
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