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First thing the jungler says in ranked lobby...Mistare97/31 10:53AM
I feel like this game would be less frustrating if matches were shorter
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yamas11247/31 10:53AM
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What's the counterplay to Nidalee in lane?
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Black_Assassin277/31 10:28AM
Diamond 1 90Lp + Akali Here at your service
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AkaliRemix567/31 10:25AM
Has riven always been popular in S4?profzX37/31 10:13AM
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No one builds Frozen Mallet anymore!
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whiteshadow_exe237/31 9:55AM
What are the chances of Riot releasing Riot and Arcade bundles in the next monthTechino1057/31 9:55AM
No respect for Janna players
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Fayt349337/31 9:46AM
Thinking of getting back in but haven't played since season 3Nanahara71587/31 9:32AM
I played 5 TB games as Support and still no Icon why?Gevauden77/31 9:07AM
I haven't felt satisfaction from winning in a long timeBrickTamIand67/31 9:01AM
PSA Service Announcement: Elise is still brokenGlockass147/31 8:55AM
So, let's talk Urgot.
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BlackBeetleborg157/31 8:54AM
So why does Lucian get resets on his E and Graves doesn't
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fillav167/31 8:30AM
Is Bloodthirster still a good buy on Pantheon?ChocoboDreams57/31 8:29AM
that awkward moment when you cant think of a ban
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MakeItSwain217/31 8:20AM
Why isn't Janna played in the LCS?Cinder-fella67/31 8:14AM