Minions needs a champ.

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User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#1
I know that they are just used for gold and don't have thoughts or anything like that but I think we need a champion that the "master of minions"

It could be a minion that absorbed the power of an exploding nexus at the end of a match and gain power and sentient thought. He strikes a deal with the summoners of the league that he will become a champ if they create a village for the leftover minions to live in after matches.

Passive: grants bonuses to nearby allies minions.

regular: 10% attack speed

Tank: Slow enemy champs attack per attack.

Super: burn effect per attack. (2% of current health per attack)

Q: self-destruct. target ally minion will explode dealing magic damage equal to 25/40/65/80% of minion health to nearby enemies. Tank and Super minion will apply passive effect.

W: Rally. Heal and increase movement speed of all nearby allies and minions.

E: Target lock. All nearby minions focuses on chosen target.

R: Reinforcement. Next wave will spawn super minions. Lanes that are already spawning super minions will spawn an extra super minion.

Now it apparent what this champ weakness is: No minions or if in jungle, this champion is an easy target.

Now this is just a rough idea and the passive and R is what I really like the most, but I think a champ for the minions would be a fun thing for Riot to make.
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User Info: SteelFighter

4 years ago#2
Pushes wayyyyyyy too hard
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