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4 years ago#1
I’m starting a new stream, called From 1 to 30, dedicated to helping new players who are just getting started move from the point of not knowing anything at all, to being ready for ranked play. This series will record every game on the route from level 1 all the way to the first ranked game at level 30. Some of these games will be very tutorial-like, with a focus on a specific topic or skill. Others will just be commentary on the current game, with me explaining my thought process about my actions and trying to explain everything else going on. And all of this will be done without buying any RP, so that it is the “true” Free to Play experience. That means, particularly early, lots of free week champs, and very few of the 6300 champs.

If you are new, come in, and I hope to teach you something...if not now, then as the stream progresses.

If you are more experience, feel free to come in and lend your wisdom...feel free to say, “Hey Korenth, you’re wrong!” Discussion is good!

Regardless of your experience, I hope you will watch, and send feedback on how to improve the stream, songs you would like to hear , champs you’d like to see in high detail, etc. The more feedback, the better the stream will be at giving you the entertainment you’ re looking for

Stream Starts at : 11:30 CST
Today’s Topic: Welcome to League of Legends! Also, choosing your first champion and first games.
4 years ago#2
As a new player i love to watch it. Cant watch tonight so I will tag it and watch it later.
Zhehehe, A man's dream will never die !
4 years ago#3
Tag for later
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4 years ago#4
Bump, cmon guys , give him some views at least, hes just talking to himself right now :(
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4 years ago#5
I have a friend whos only played Dominion and ARAM (level 30) until last week and ive been trying to teach him.

Ill be sure to recommend this.
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4 years ago#6
Thanks for the tags and the views.

As for talking to myself...that's ok, means its recorded there for new players to watch later.

Thanks again!
4 years ago#7
Next stream starts at 3:30 CST

Today's topic: "Hey, prove that it works!"

I had a viewer ask if what i talked about actually worked if you had no idea about a champion...luckily, there is a free champ this week I have never looked at (Galio) So i'll run through the "How to Learn your Champ" procedure I showed last time , this time with someone I know nothing about.
4 years ago#8
Updated 2/26/13

Today's Topic: Learning about Lane Roles. Also, New Free Week Champs!
Stream starts at 9:45 AM CST

Hope you will stop in and watch!

4 years ago#9
Updated 2/28/13

Today's Topic: Leveling Up, with someone beside Olaf :)

Since I've streaming every game, not every stream will have a dedicated topic...doesn't mean thier won't be tips and tricks...and as always, I'll try to answer any questions you may have.

Stream starts at ~4:00 pm CST

Hope you will stop in and watch!

4 years ago#10
Thanks i appreciate it, cant watch the live cause of the differrnt time zone but i watch every episode the next day.
Zhehehe, A man's dream will never die !
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