Why are there ugly male champions but not ugly female champions?

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Leona is pretty ugly. Morgana is. Riven, Sej, Irelia, Eve, cait.

see, you're looking at the boobs and ass. You gotta look at the face

Just no.

Irelia has a nice ass bad face and Riven is only cute in her battle bunny skin

leona is just lol

You are a very bad person.



so hot oh my god my erection

Yeah, zooming in on a splash art that is already very low resolution to start with then calling it ugly makes a lot of sense.
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Not even girls want to play normal looking girls. (in general)
I always ask my 8 yr old sister, "Why is your Mii a white blonde girl named alice?"
she says, "because I think it's pretty."

All champions fit in to this: Hot babe, little girl, knights, mythical animals and ugly things like trundle.
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A lot of people in this topic can't differentiate attractiveness from personal preference. Just because you aren't attracted to someone doesn't mean they are ugly.

Off the top of my head, and out of the ones mentioned, I don't think there are any "ugly" female champions.
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Yeah, zooming in on a splash art that is already very low resolution to start with then calling it ugly makes a lot of sense.

Sorry to ruin your boner for Riven. If I had known you were sexually attracted to her I would have applied makeup first
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because a women who doesn't look good is worthless. men value women for looks.
Anime is for losers. You do not have a Waifu, and if she existed she would never date a loser like you.
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B****es thread? Okay.

Lilly Satou is a personal favorite.
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Rin is worst girl, Hanako is best girl


This is how I feel about your Hanako.

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Bradoshado posted...
Because who the **** wants to play an ugly chick?

I'm a dude and I want to play hot chicks cause I find them attractive.

My girl friends all want to play hot girls cause they don't want to play someone who isn't attractive.

Who the **** wants to play an ugly girl?

This isn't just about League either.

LOL we need a Meg Champions ya know Meg from Family Guy....lol
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lux is far from ugly.

shyvana doesnt qualify as not ugly imo. except with her ironscale skin lol

but what male champs are ugly? all the human male/female champs are not ugly. urgot doesnt really count imo since well...he's part machine at this point.

Taking the time to point out that Boneclaw is Shyvana's worst skin.
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damn only one person has said Cassiopeia? You guys are really into snakes.
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