Why are there ugly male champions but not ugly female champions?

#31MindOSTPosted 2/23/2013 7:22:58 AM
ThreshTheDBag posted...
Rin is worst girl, Hanako is best girl

This is raw, concentrated anti-truth.
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Blocktopus posted...
Leona is pretty ugly

HEY! That's my woman you're talking about there!
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Default Leona has creepy goat eyes and Jarvan jaw, but Valkyrie is really cute.
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Divinewargod posted...
Lilly Satou is a personal favorite.

My man speaks the truth.
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On topic:
Yordles aside, there aren't actually ugly females. Personally, I don't find Diana attractive at all, may be her facial structure >.>U
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Um, Urgot?