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So the Sejuani guide was made by an 800 elo dude

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4 years ago#1

Okay GameFAQs.

You can stop trolling now. Nobody's laughing.
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4 years ago#2
They are just guides to explain the basic mechanics of the champions. He's admitting that he's far from a pro, give him a break. If it explains how to play Sej correctly then it's fine.
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4 years ago#3
Really, who cares. Nobody is going to come to GameFAQs for top level advice on LoL anyways with the already established sites out there, the guides are just another resource for people new to the game that wander here.
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4 years ago#4
Lets talk, then.

I have some updates planned, I've been testing builds and such.

What's your major issue here?
4 years ago#5
I see an issue. 800 Elo is not a good metric to judge any build.
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4 years ago#6
Yeah, sure, he suggests MPEN and CDR runes.

He makes no mention of 0-21-9 (the best masteries for Sej), instead suggesting wacky useless crap.





And what's with the item build?

You do not need a Kindlegem. You are Sejuani. Your two core items are Warmog and Sunfire Cape, the two items that provide meaningful defensive stats and massively increase your damage output.

Lucidity Boots? Is that a joke? Who needs CDR when you have permaslow and W doesn't have to be up 0.5 seconds sooner, Also, there's blue buff and Spirit Stone Wraith (for CDR).

Now, Locket and Shurelya are both decent items, but by building them you are screwing yourself over. You will not be tanky enough, you will not be doing enough damage. Leave these to the support or another bruiser (someone who can forsake a crucial item for team utility).

Note that Locket and Shurelya become considerably more useful if you're lagging behind or at very, very high levels of organized play, where your only contribution has to be R+E to win the fight. In solo q, where this guide is oriented at, you cannot afford to build purely supportive items (Bulwark exempted, as it's the best item you can get for dealing with AP heavy teams, though such a rarity these days).
~Victory needs no explanation; defeat allows none.~
4 years ago#7
you have no idea how to play sej at all, please stop talking.
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4 years ago#8
I detail why I prefer utility tree in the guide.

The most important things you take in the defensive tree are your early jungle based ones, and then if you spec down further, the 3% reduction and health bonuses. Defensive tree is fine, but I feel that too much of it is based on boosting your armor/magic res and you're wasting points on someone that's primarily stacking health.

Defensive tree is fine, though you get plenty of benefits from going 0/9/21. You retain the jungle resists and early armor/health, while gaining significant movespeed and cooldown reduction which are extremely important on Sejuani. Movespeed makes her ganks that much stronger early (as a melee), and cooldown reduction lets you keep W on forever and makes your turnover rate on R ganks pretty damn quick.

My first update will include a re-emphasizing on masteries though, as I have been playing 0/21/9 and 9/21/0 and still getting fairly good results. I still prefer utility tree, but with sej, as long as you are building health its hard to go wrong.
4 years ago#9
thecrossnkight posted...
you have no idea how to play sej at all, please stop talking.


The guy who played almost exclusively Sejuani in Season 2 when nobody wanted to touch her with a stick and got to 2000 elo when the roof was 2300?

Yeah I'm obviously not fit to discuss my preferred hero with the likes of 800 elo master race.
~Victory needs no explanation; defeat allows none.~
4 years ago#10
LimeInCoconut posted...

Trust me, you are completely in the wrong. Movement speed quints and your Permaslow are enough to hold people down. You don't have to worry about people escaping - you worry about people turning around to beat your face in. That's where 21 Def comes in, along with the proper items to make them regret ever standing next to you.
~Victory needs no explanation; defeat allows none.~
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