So the Sejuani guide was made by an 800 elo dude

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there's guides on this website?
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why are people still posting in this
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Phoenix transitions from lycan lover to rhino woman >_<
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PhoenixNine posted...
ThreshTheDBag posted...
No, youre still a gigantic ass Phoenix.

Your opinion is so important to me.

I dont care if it is or isnt, im just pointing out the obvious
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From: CheeseItBaggins | #104
ITT: A good football player automatically makes a good coach and vice versa. Idiots.

ITP: LoL is Football. Usually the best teachers are someone that both understands the game, and can keep that understanding in game and use it to an advantage.
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bobguydude1 posted...
why are people still posting in this

Why hasn't this topic been closed?
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"I don't like what you are presenting to people, I disagree with it and it offends me, you should remove it"

Grow up buddy cakes, the world doesn't revolve around you.
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But TC you haven't even played in S3?
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Gainazzo posted...
But TC you haven't even played in S3?

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