So the Sejuani guide was made by an 800 elo dude

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Yeah because that's totally valid and you can make anything work for you if you just -

No. This is not an appropriate comparison


I've won games with attack speed Garen. You get sick lifesteal/spell vamp from the rageblade and the crits for your E from Phantom Dancer (and MS to boot!)

but fine

how about my Armor Penetration Irelia build? ADC Gangplank? AD Elise? Atk Speed Orianna (that passive!)?

I'm just kidding anyways dude, I think any guide that gets put up is going to be bad, not really trying to single you out in particular (I've posted things similar to this in the other guide topics).
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JennaTahlia posted...
I don't see how this is different from this.

There's a HUGE difference between explaining yourself in the first post instead of coming off as an arrogant ass with "Okay GameFAQS. Stop trolling."

Secondly, FlameLord's topic was made in the time frame that the guide could be contested whereas this TC makes this after the sticky clearly states there were no quips about the Sejuani guide and demands it be taken down.

Oh, and I mean look at the topic titles;

So the Sejuani guide was made by an 800 elo dude - TC
Admins please take down the tristana guide - FlameLord

Reasonably, which topic do you think admins will take a look at first?
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