Know your Role: AD Carry with Double Lift

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3 years ago#21
From: UnderwaterAir | Posted: 2/26/2013 6:55:09 AM | #020
Riot is really stupid. They killed Vayne's early game because noobs would whine and cry about her beating them when you heard next to zero complaints from the pro side of things.

It took League of Warmogs to even bring Vayne back into any form of consistent performance.

Are you talking about release Vayne? Pretty sure she was a perma-ban/pick in tournaments.
3 years ago#22
CrumpledPaper posted...
From: UnderwaterAir | #016
That's what most ADCs have already been doing. I don't know why you would even bother suggesting it.

Because plenty of ADCs don't do it already, its helpful advice imo

Tbh the only change is the ADC building a FM/Warmong over a GA/QSS.

Even then it's nothing new and no bruiser builds what he meant so I can see where the confusion came from.
Typical gameFAQers are "Complainers that always complain about those who complain about real legitimate complaints."-Joker_X
3 years ago#23
Dartkun posted...
Man LiftLift looks so much older now... like 1 year aged him hard.

Yeah so much this. Not sure if it's just his dieting habits, lack of activity, or just horrible genetics... but damn.
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