Think of a Demacian and a Noxian champion before entering.

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3 years ago#31
Darius + Garen vs Prince Katamari + Adol Christian

I hope they can take out the Prince early or other wise he'll snowball out of control. Oh who am I kidding Adol would probably wreck them himself.
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3 years ago#32
Lux and Darius vs Donte and Chrom

Chrom 1v2's effortless.
3 years ago#33
Jarvan and Darius vs. Luis Lopez (GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony) and well the other game i played was Company of Heroes, didn't really have a main character. Though Luis could solo them both with AA-12 and frag rounds.
3 years ago#34
Garen and Darius vs. my Marauder on Path Of Exile and I guess my unnofficial team captain on X-COM. The X-Com guy wins.
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3 years ago#35
Well, Garen and Darius (Obviousley) vs...

The main character off Monster Hunter 3:Ultimate and Captain Falcon off F-Zero (1992)

honestley, I can't see garen and darius winning, falcon has some epic finishing moves (much better than giant flying weapons) and MH3U should be able to kill a normal person without any difficulty given that he fights a lot bigger with no difficulty
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3 years ago#36
Katarina and Sona


Jin (Tekken) and Rosa (Pokemon B/W 2)
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3 years ago#37
Vayne and Swain vs Wei Shen (Sleeping Dogs) and the main character in Saints Row: The Third.

Wei and the Saint is screwed.
3 years ago#38
Darius and Lux vs. The Jedi Exile from Kotor II and Sarah Kerrigan.

Don't think our LOL guys stand a chance. Even against just one of them.
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3 years ago#39
Darius and Lux
Salvador (Borderlands 2) & Master chief (halo 4)

I feel like the Salvador can solo them both, then again so can chief.
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3 years ago#40
Lux and Darius vs. Commander Shepard (Vanguard) and Nicolas Cage, my squad's captain on the original XCOM.

I'm going to say Shepard is the only one still standing by the end.
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