Worst role to be conterpicked as?

#11DontNouPosted 2/23/2013 3:47:57 PM
Have fun eating that blind, poison, and ignite.
You won't be getting any farm either.
Late game you will take Teemo, but during the laning phase, **** your life.
And you can only flash every 300 seconds.... So what are you gonna do for those other 299 seconds you don't have flash?
And you act as if Teemo doesn't also have flash and a speed boost.

How if hes silenced?
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#12Komachi_Tachi(Topic Creator)Posted 2/23/2013 10:42:15 PM
Gumshoe is my husbando. Hands OFF.
#13full_metal01Posted 2/23/2013 10:51:33 PM
Top is the most snowbally lane, period.

The sad part is most of the time in draft the first 2 people are going to pick mid and top
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