I sort of want to try playing this.

#1SAMCROftwPosted 2/23/2013 8:26:03 PM
My friends play it sometimes but I have no idea how it works really. I don't know what builds would be good for what character, i don't understand the terms my friends throw around like AP, AD, ADB, CV, AD carry, bait lane, and whatnot. Any tips for a noob?
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#304DarkPosted 2/23/2013 8:29:52 PM
Get one of them to show you the ropes.
That is easier than figuring it out on your own.
If you do that, you will be 10x better than most of the other people starting out.
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bait lane. i lol'd
She's a few cards short of a full deck: a joker in the game, ooh.
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Welcome to what is easily the worst online community around. Enjoy your stay.

To answer your question though the new player forum on the official site is decent, and the FAQ there should answer most of your questions or provide links to them.

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#6hotshotgamesPosted 2/23/2013 8:31:34 PM
there are some decent in-game tutorials to start you off.

Past that I would recommend watching videos of gameplay of champions that you are interested in online.

You could try asking your friends to create a smurf (they will know) and playing with you so you can learn off them a bit. They should know who is good for a newbie.
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Kishoru posted...
bait lane. i lol'd

i wonder if he is from the south