Enemy Quadra Kill!

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3 years ago#1
One of my favorite things to hear in this game, there's just something about how the announcer says it that makes me shiver up and gets my blood pumping.

Also, obligatory J4 auto attack with passive proc.
Command: Dissonance for the crunching sound. Actually you know what, I love all of Orianna's sounds.
All of Sona's sounds and all of her skins that change them.
All of Soraka's sounds except for Starcall (not really a fan of the sound).

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3 years ago#2
I like the sound of rage.
3 years ago#3
Kassadin's E
3 years ago#4
Vayne's auto-attacks during ult. If you hear it too much late game you know several teammates just dropped dead.
3 years ago#5

3 years ago#6
Zed's ult detonation.

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3 years ago#7
Jax when attacking a turret (after he gets his ult)
3 years ago#8
That hefty sound of Tristana jumping on and ulting an enemy with about 600 AP.
And then jumping to safety immediately. That's a symphony.
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3 years ago#9
BIadeBIade posted...
Zed's ult detonation.


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3 years ago#10
For some reason I'm rather partial to the insane laughter of Miss Fortune when she ults.
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