Why does there seem to be a feeder in every ranked game I play?

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Solo queue isn't about getting competent players. It's about how hard you can carry your games.

Wrong. lol, if you saw my old akali games. When I used to go 16/2 average...and still lost. Why my whole team was underfed. You'd be surprised.

"carry harder" is like saying I should pay more rent because my room mate doesn't pay his. wtf. lol

Except that he is correct, you just could't carry. You think getting kills means carrying? Actually do something with those kills, get kills, take turrets. Get kills, take dragon. Your average just shows exactly what he said, you can't carry.

Even if jungling, focus on the lane that can impact other lanes, mid. Still help out the other lanes, but help out mid more. Your mid wins, he ganks other lanes while fed. Your mid loses, the enemy mid ganks other lanes while fed.
Oh no! It's Idiot power!
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wow you have 431 normal wins and over 100 ranked games and yet still in bronze. Plz don't ever blame your team again