Alistar, Giant Walking Hamburger, has become one of the biggest losers in LoL.

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kirbymuncher posted...
Long cds, surprisingly short range on headbutt means cool initiates are hard, and as far as the "tanky cc support" role goes he doesn't compare favorably to leona (who can put out more cc and burst harder), thresh (lanturn OP, plus good cc and can poke in lane) or blitz (that grab)

he also burns through mana really fast in lane, from what I remember

ah ok, thinking about it now, the season 3 changes really did hurt him a lot in that the average team fight is much shorter than in previous seasons, and now he's only able to put out one wave of cc per fight as opposed to the 2 or 3 that he was able to when it wasn't so ridiculously easy to burst down tanks / bruisers.

i'd been ignoring the relatively high cooldowns, so sorry to the people who mentioned it before. it took until this post for me to realize the impact of these changes.
since thresh came out i haven't been playing much of the cow, so i never got the feel for his team fight presence in season 3.

thanks for yalls input.
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