Free Week 2/25

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3 years ago#21
In fact, TC's list doesn't even line up with the Korean website. GG
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3 years ago#22
ssupermario92 posted...


I have a feeling that this will be an annoying week; however, I have been wanting to try Caitlyn, Rammus, Nasus, and Brand though. Now this makes since why I've been running into a lot of awful Brands since last night.
3 years ago#23
FlareZero posted...
Olaf on sale and free this week? Riot, do you even need to make money?

Who buys 3150 champions with RP?
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3 years ago#24
why is what was published yesterday so different from what they ctually made free
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3 years ago#25
Apparently making Wukong free every other week is the new Xerath.

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