recently just picked up rumble and started playing him in diamond elo

#12ez2ez2ezPosted 2/25/2013 11:51:44 PM(edited)
played a total of 25 games with him so far

8 win streak; just dominated my way to diamond IV

#2DrewdadruidPosted 2/26/2013 12:17:47 AM
How pro are you
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#3DartkunPosted 2/26/2013 12:25:22 AM
Damn it is nice to see some sexy cs. So many lolkings get posted and like all of them have like 60 cs after 40 minutes rofl
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#42ez2ez2ez(Topic Creator)Posted 2/26/2013 12:30:33 AM
how pro am i out of 10?
i'd say at least a 10

i actually find it a lot harder to maintain a high cs, seems like laning phase always ends early when i play rumble so i don't have the chance to farm because of his team fight presence.
#5g-cube_mastaPosted 2/26/2013 12:33:04 AM
broken champ might as well be playing kayle play a real champ newb
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#62ez2ez2ez(Topic Creator)Posted 2/26/2013 12:42:35 AM
press all the buttons at the same time and win
#7XcaIIionPosted 2/26/2013 12:46:51 AM
teach me ur ways
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#8dennis941012Posted 2/26/2013 1:02:48 AM
skill order
item build
(>")> <(' ')> <("<)
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#92ez2ez2ez(Topic Creator)Posted 2/26/2013 1:10:23 AM
Q > E >W

the rest you can look @ my lolking if you really care that much l0l
#10PorkinzPosted 2/26/2013 1:13:23 AM
What champs were you laning against mostly?
Did you pick top first or them?
Did they counter you at all?