It seems like the fun champions are not viable

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3 years ago#11
I've seen all 3 champs you named do exceptionally well multiple times in normals and ranked.
3 years ago#12
Playing Nidalee is IMO the most fun thing about this game and she is banned in high elo. I would think that means she is viable
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3 years ago#13
FFFanboy78912 posted...
Kogmaw and vayne are two of the most viable adc's in this meta currently, the problem is just communicating with a random bot lane in solo queue.

Whenever I play Vayne the first thing I tell my team of randoms is that if they get us to late game we will win.

99% of the time though I'll cs under tower and the other lanes will just feed the other team so hard we've no option but to surrender.
3 years ago#14
It seems I cannot play ap trynd or singed solo because no one on my team does anything while I have 2 or 3 enemy's chasing me across the map.
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3 years ago#15
If youre not a Plat player than everything is super viable...

Bronze and Silver noobs sit around trying to cry about champs not being good cause pros dont play them but the thing is theyre not pros and cant take advantage of the very minor problems those champs have.

Basically pick who you want and have fun unless youre in the top .5% of players.
3 years ago#16
Fiora is one of my favorite champions. Too goddamn bad she's not viable

*Flips Table.*
3 years ago#17
Fun is subjective.
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  3. It seems like the fun champions are not viable

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