So apparently support Malzahar is a thing. Just how well does it work though?

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Bhellium posted...
ThyCorndog posted...
Team Void:
Cho'gath top
Kassadin mid
Kog'maw adc
Malzahar support
Kha'zix jungle

Kassadin isn't void
he's anti-void

I know, but they're all void-based =P
Hey what's going on in this thread
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The thing is E gets really expensive when it doesn't actually kill stuff.

It really is, but if you get a chalice and liandry's it would do a lot of harass. But as a support, there is no guarantee that you'll have enough money for that anytime soon.

Other than that, I think his skills make him very difficult to play support, but his Q gives vision in bushes so I'm conflicted.