I feel like I'm in normal elo hell...

#1Lord_WoobiePosted 2/28/2013 2:40:09 AM
Seriously, I just finished playing a 4v5 match - our Sivir DC'd at level 5 and didn't come back until 2 minutes before the game ended. Our Elise top had absolutely no map awareness, as she seemed to rather afk farm at top or solo blue rather than help a dying team member only a few feet away, even after we pinged half a dozen times. Our J4 and TF kept raging at eachother in chat for no real reason. As support Lulu I was more fed than our Sivir and Elise. And we WON that game in 22 minutes, so just imagine how bad the other team was.

All the other games I've either won or lost over the past week have been total stomps. At least one person has had ping over 500ms in almost every single game, and we've had several DCs.

And I have a decently positive W/L ratio. So is this Normal Elo Hell? Or does it just come with playing at 1am PST?
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