Are there any champions that get significantly stronger at a certain level?

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Singed. You can shut him down early even, but he's still going to get to that 25-30 minute point in the game where he cant die and is a big nuisance.
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So many people didnt see the exluding level 6 part. ._.
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kaysa13 posted...
Aside from that obvious power spike at 6, pretty much anyone who gets to max out their main damaging ability, like Vladimir's Transfusion, Viktor's Power Transfer, Diana's Crescent Strike, etc.

But if I'm really going to answer your question, it would be Evolved Spike Racks of Kha'zix at level 6 (apart from the fact that he got his ult).

wait, what
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Combo champ gets stronger at lv 2-4 when they get their skills.

late game champ when their skill get lower cdr per level(nasus, veig)
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