Anyone ever feel like...

#1mengleIIPosted 2/28/2013 8:56:48 PM
if people who have bad games would just admit it and apologize, the team rage would be several notches lower? Theres alot of talk about toxic, raging players, but I get a little ticked off (don't really rage even though i want to) when the feeding lane is yelling at everyone or doesnt say a damn word.

There really isnt a way to force that behavior, but I wish people would start just admitting that they are doing bad, or just saying that they will try to do better. That way, if you still get flamed, you did your part and you were the better man.

This comes after 3 games in a row where top fed and either yelled or said nothing until the end game lobby

#2DartkunPosted 2/28/2013 8:59:04 PM
Of course, if they would defuse the situation for the benefit of the team. It would be nice, however egos and young kids and the such.
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