The only reason Xerath and Kayle are so popular this season is because they have

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Xerath was used effectively in an ESL Asia game (iG versus WE) a week ago or so. Ironically the team comp (iG) was Xerath, Amumu, Olaf, Lee Sin, Pantheon versus a more normal WE comp. iG won by a decent margin. Now, used in a few LCS games.

Xerath has always been pretty potent, but he requires two things to work well:

1. Team needs to have high threat or high protection. E.g. enemies can't get to Xerath for one reason (protection) or another (Xerath is not worth it compared to divers on your DPS).

2. Team needs to have reliable AOE CC. Amumu or Malphite basically. Without Amumu or Malphite to lock a good segment of the enemy team down, Xerath has a hard time catching multiple people in multiple shots of his ult. If he can, he slaughters the enemy team. If he can't, he's kind of "meh".

The shred/pen changes are a bit of an excuse, and don't affect his core mechanic viability.
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CheezWhizX posted...
no xerath is still a laughable champion and the concept of "maining" champions is also hilarious.

unfunny concept is HIGHLARIOUS
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Xerath? He's incredibly slow and while he can be annoying to lane against he's practically a sitting duck for the rest of the game.
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I've always liked Xerath.

Just never preferred him because I'm not very good if the mage can't either duel or full burst.

If I pick him and I'm ok with sitting back during the game, I always have fun with him.

Viktor>Xerath though
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From: dennis941012 | #005
he was
they nerfed ori
"she had too much range"
and released the long range siege champion....

I'm still pissed about that, truthfully.

They nerfed trick shots with the ball so hard with such a moderate range nerf.
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I don't "main" Xerath, but I do use him quite a bit. He's strong, but lack the flare of other champs. Move, q. Move, q. Team fight, throw everything. Rinse, repeat.

Op? No.
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Xerath top. Dat passive. Dat hardcounter every AD top.
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while I thought he was OK since release I wouldn't call him OP.

plus Trynd glitch and all that.
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this topic was starting to smell, yet the worms hadn't quite reached it yet.
it's not a necro its...
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I'd penetrate Kayle, if you know what I mean.
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