The current FotM champions are still better then the others, even with the nerfs

#1TekutsoPosted 3/1/2013 6:37:15 AM

So, for all you guys upset over this, you're really ganna be mad when they all get nerfed again. Because its ganna happen.
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#2xDarknezzxPosted 3/1/2013 6:39:53 AM
nerf vi into the ground pls riot
#3FreshSushiPosted 3/1/2013 7:19:10 AM(edited)
Why would they buff BoTRK like this. The last thing I want is the unkillable Vi, Xin or Voli also doing way more damage than everyone else.

Well, they already do but w/e, give them a DFG nuke.
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#4happyscrub1Posted 3/1/2013 7:20:21 AM
because BoTRK was trash... just like liadries.... yet you baddies KEEP ON BUILDING IT!!!
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#5GainazzoPosted 3/1/2013 7:23:09 AM
Because now you can actually do something against HP stacking with carries?