League of Legends now finally on Mac!

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From: HyperShadow4321 | #008
I'm guessing you've never seen a LoL gameplay video before...

ya i was excited about the news.

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That and graphics will always be limited by your hardware. I have an i7 Macbook Pro, and most games look slightly better than my 3 year old desktop... Didn't really buy it for gaming, but I am downloading the client now as well.

are you kidding? Macbooks are super fast
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Been playing LoL on my Mac since 2010, just used bootcamp when they got rid of it for Mac OS.
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1. That video was pretty freaking cool.

2. lolmacs
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#14fEARtHEgOOCHPosted 3/2/2013 6:09:07 AM
are you kidding? Macbooks are super fast

I know they are for normal use, but integrated graphics generally do not do wonders for the gaming community. And again, not thrashing Macs... I'm currently typing on one.
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Well this video pretty much confirms it.....

Those REALLY ARE cupcakes on Cait's traps!
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