If the game starts and there is a person that is AFK/DC

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Well if I must explain, I am not butthurt. I am currently fighting my way out of low elo.

I purposely lost all of my placement games to be put in Bronze V about 2 weeks ago. About a week ago I fought from Bronze V to Bronze I in about 2 days time.

The thing I noticed is about half of my games has an AFK or DC. I know non of you play at that elo but I was shocked at the amount of AFK and DC players that play ranked. Literally about a 3rd of my wins are from games where I had to carry 4v5

In the same token, I would lose a lot of 4v5 games that we easily wouldve won. Several times I have played 3 ranked games in a row and lost all 3 due to an AFKer on my team.

You guys act like it's not a problem. Although I am not really griping about it, I just feel like Riot spends SO much time trying to make the community better, yet they do nothing about this stuff that goes on so many times a day for the average player. I just don't know.

I guess Riot sees it as "player that is racists, trolling and vulgar to his team yet helps them get the win in the end" is worse than "player who queues, calls mid, then goes AFK for the rest of the game causing a complete imbalance of the game" I can understand that.

Oh well. I guess there is no point in trying to better this community in the end. I'll let this point die. In other news my duo partner hit Gold II today. Woot!