Quinn is early game Vayne.

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User Info: eco master

eco master
4 years ago#21
Lithsp posted...
Valor is clean up and clean up only

With 80% extra attack speed, I'd argue that it's a fantastic way to fight whenever you have the opportunity to get in close. Not always going to be an option, but clean up only is far from accurate. Hell, I use it to break down turrets and inhibitors while backdooring.
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User Info: profDEADPOOL

4 years ago#22
Lithsp posted...
I don't think anyone would ever start a fight by blowing her ult.

You do if you are building tanky enough to be in melee range.

Q and E are just as effective as Valor.

W gives much more AS when Valor.
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User Info: LordClyde

4 years ago#23
From: eco master | #010
LordClyde posted...
lulz... if people stop building triforce on her, you'll have all the damage you need.

People aren't actually doing this, right?

That ex-Riot employee Shurelia was doing it when I caught a glance of her stream..

Then again, she builds triforce on everything... In fact, I haven't seen a single time she doesn't build triforce (on Leona - her favorite mid champion)..
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