pffft, teemo doesnt counter Garen

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  3. pffft, teemo doesnt counter Garen
2 years ago#1
was teemo playing against garen in rank mode

sure the blind is nice but when garen can hit q, spin and silence, it's actually hard to do anything but run

unless i suck which is another possibility
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2 years ago#2
He's not a counter but he can do really good against Garen.
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2 years ago#3
Do you not know what kiting is lol
ign toki
2 years ago#4
Teemo counters ALL! ...For 2-4 levels, then everyone counters him by being better champions.
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2 years ago#5
You're right: You just suck. Learn to kite.
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2 years ago#6
He's not a hardcounter. Teemo definitely has the upperhand, but Garen can still mop you up if you're careless.

Against Garen you should just go REWQ. W is very important.
(edited by Shadow Edge)
2 years ago#7
The idea is that he can blind the silence away and then just straight up outrun the spin with the slow and his speed. And other than that, he can poke quite a bit.
I am whoever I need to be.
2 years ago#8
You're supposed to run from Garen. That's what the W is for.
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2 years ago#9
Any ranged champ counters Garen.
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2 years ago#10
It's a fair match-up. Though Teemo does have the range advantage, he cannot abuse his Blinding Dart because he needs to conserve his pathetic mana pool for his W. On the other hand, Garen does not have any mana issue and can spam Q everytime he'd like.

At level 6, Teemo needs to shroom his vicinity or else he'll die in one rotation if Garen gets on him (which is possible with Flash).
When life gives you lemons, blame yourself for planting the wrong tree.
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  3. pffft, teemo doesnt counter Garen

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