proof elo hell exists

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3 years ago#11
Spacefrisian posted...
Their is no elo anymore, therefore elohell doesnt exist, youre claim is false.

Dear God. Grammar Nazis, I feel your pain.
Everything feels better fresh out of the dryer. Even death would be nicer if it was dryer fresh.
3 years ago#12
JennaTahlia posted...
nah you sold all your stuff when you were about to win

A fair bit prior actually.

(I had 380~ tear stacks on all manamunes and I bought them all at once)
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3 years ago#13
did they have a dc witht he heimer with no items?Also you were bound to win. You had a kogmaw. If kogmaw gets to lategame he wins....simple. All you technically had to do was protect him and it was gg enemy team. I dont understand what you are trying to say with that picture
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