garen goes 2- 0 against akali

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3 years ago#1
so i'm like sweet ill give support to mid and bot

5 minutes later he dies 3 times in a row

i check his items

boots of swiftness and chain vest

I ask him why would he rush that

"sunfire op man"
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3 years ago#2
but it is
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3 years ago#3
Well, it would nullify her shroud to a degree...I would probably take a spirit visage against her in lane though. She's squishy enough to die in 1 or 2 combos anyway that I wouldn't need a sunfire or brut for damage.
3 years ago#4
the better question is why boots of swiftness lol
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3 years ago#5
Garen was burnin? no wonder he died so fast.
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3 years ago#6
Myst2 posted...
the better question is why boots of swiftness lol

If they don't have any hard CC, why not? Shroud slows and swiftness reduces slow potency. Merc wouldn't help because you're constantly slowed while in shroud and instantly unslowed as soon as you leave it.

It's not very common for a whole team to have no/very little hard CC, but on those occasions where they ****** up and don't have any, I definitely get swiftness.
3 years ago#7
Whoah, it's like 2010 in here.

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3 years ago#8
Not even merc treads? or a null mantle?
3 years ago#9
Brute would have turned his damage into true damage basically. Which would have been better then chain vest and boots 3.

But really, he should have gotten mercs and either a kindle gem or just health crystal which would have let him ignore her damage and ensure total control of the lane.
3 years ago#10
Brutalizer and a mantle would have shut Akali really hard.
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