Lost rank game over the most stupidest crap.

#1happyscrub1Posted 3/4/2013 1:18:02 PM
It's sad people don't know where to fight....especially vs teemo.

Just lost a rank game where the last 15 min was baron stand off. Other team had AP teemo and he would spam mushrooms around the jungle of baron. I kept begging team to just push mid and fight in open...we had baron warded.

These dumbass keep standing off at baron all game. And then the 2 team fights happen, it's like mushroom kingdom all in the jungle where you can't fight anyone.

I mean do you really wanna run thru 12 mushrooms just to kill a carry? What's so hard for that to understand? I mean, what you think teemo is doing all those 15 mins?
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#2TheSchrefPosted 3/4/2013 1:22:47 PM(edited)

Also, is Happyscrub and Karmic the same person? They seem to have the same terrible luck and make the same terrible topics talking about their terrible luck. They got it bad.