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Do you use a guide? (Poll)
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DemonicChaosXX2811/24 7:16AM
Can someone tell what each Machete path is for? It seems the only good one isStephen-A-Smith411/24 7:04AM
Which champion to buy? (Poll)IfGodCouldDie911/24 6:54AM
Even after the nerf to Chalice and its respective items... Mikael's Worth?
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ThunderCavalier1311/24 6:37AM
So my friend picks Nasus in TB and goes against a Darius.
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ThunderCavalier1311/24 6:34AM
I got to gold using my 100% female league harem.
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_Xymemaru_V3311/24 6:13AM
I was just in a game against a Singed who proxied.
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Brady672_AT_fan1411/24 5:15AM
Someone should make power curve graphs for every champion.MassOfFlesh711/24 5:09AM
Akali vs. Shen, Kennen, and Akali
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zefig1111/24 4:18AM
keyori is so cuteLeo4999411/24 3:39AM
Critical AnalysisEnzoC511/24 2:04AM
laning with smiteOranthros311/24 1:57AM
I just realized riot killed offdennis941012511/24 1:22AM
Fiora's ult is garbage now.
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Young_Caesar3111/24 12:56AM
im sure mrspudding is better than 80% of us here
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psnDemon_SouL1811/24 12:21AM
Are the Blue Team Stag and Red Team Owl permanent icons?Ultimate_Nova_X611/23 11:57PM
So i was plat, but got droppped down to gold 1, can i get bac to plat before...psnDemon_SouL311/23 11:52PM
That stealth Diana buffMageGuyInfinity311/23 11:49PM
So alot of people who played these kinds of games never played OG doa back thenpsnDemon_SouL411/23 11:36PM
new junglele so much harderdasmesee911/23 11:31PM