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Dignitas Roster Shake up Rumor
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Where do I watch Japanese LCS matches?
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gokuKOG143/2 12:06PM
YR: Malphite now scales off of Health as opposed to APganonhateslink43/2 11:45AM
Think of a champ before entering the thread
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Dartkun233/2 11:23AM
listen to what i have to sayCrowsB4Hoes93/2 11:15AM
$__ League of Lore Contest Sponsored by Sona & Cube
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First ranked game since placementsbobstevens2312383/2 10:48AM
Why does Urgot enter free week rotations but not Yorick?
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o___Okami163/2 10:40AM
Aight, who is up for some norms with me and BoltIceBarrage63/2 10:35AM
Do people really stress out at being bad at this game?yamas1183/2 10:32AM
What would it take for Urgot, Galio to be flavor of the month?
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luigi33123/2 10:21AM
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IndianaJones65263/2 10:06AM
Supports are what carry games.bloodshutt103/2 10:03AM
Should I start playing this game?
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BigHotCat183/2 9:57AM
When you lane vs an opponent, do you see when his team gets dragonGrey_Asakura73/2 9:51AM
Nidalee players(lane) act like bots sometimes.drlolimaster103/2 9:49AM
Is Vlad safe in SoloQ?
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Metal Gear Raxis473/2 9:48AM
YR: Hunter's Machete is granted the same passive as Ranger's Trailblazer.Songslinger73/2 9:37AM
CST best team in lcsWayavas33/2 9:26AM
IYO: Do snowball items need a rework? (Poll)SeizureGoat73/2 9:24AM