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3 years ago#61
I wish the new skin would only be available to those that had her before the leak, but that's just a karma player's opinion
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3 years ago#62
Dartkun posted...
luigi33 posted...
Haha they're now showing some skin I see, Karma's popularity is going to jump now.

Self fulfilling prophecy.

They will make her kit more streamlined and change her graphics a lot

It will increase her popularity. I don't think anyone would doubt that.

At the same time, if they increased Sivir's range, gave her all new model and animations but put her full platemail. I'm sure her popularity would go up also.

Riot has this TERRIBLE tendency to put champions that are weird or not sexy (I'm looking at you guys Trundle, Urgot, Heimer, Karma, Anivia, Poppy etc) to have REALLY strange or different roles.

Yeah no one plays Trundle, Urgot, or Heimer because their roles are REALLY strange compared to more streamlined champions.

In another world where Urgot and Ezreal had swapped stats/skills but everything else is the same. Urgot would be played. No one but Void wants to play the weird AD Carry / Anti-AD Carry / Bruiser / Squishy / AD Caster jumble of a mess that is Urgot.

I play Urgot all the time. He's a nice counter to some popular top lanes. Also he's super sexy.
3 years ago#63
She's pretty, I will get her when released.
3 years ago#64
God i hope they don't nerf her late game ridiculousness. Yes she sucks in lane w/ ranged adc, but if she ever gets that rabadon's, you got one of the strongest supports in the game.
3 years ago#65
dont care but they better not change her strutt
3 years ago#66
I really hope the rework includes some sort of CC.
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3 years ago#67
do you consider indian black? she looks indian to me.
3 years ago#68
Dat boobjob btw.
Give me my god DAMN TEA!
3 years ago#69
From: mistrfantasy | #067
do you consider indian black? she looks indian to me.

Yeah a lot of people are jumping the gun, she's definitely Indian.

We'll have our champion one day black lolers eheu
3 years ago#70
I hope she is a support champ. Could always use more.
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