Karma Visual Update and Rework info *Official*

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3 years ago#71
And here I am looking at the FB page for LoL going, "man...now I have to buy more RP to get this sweet skin", but it's free!

LoL - BlueberryHuggles
3 years ago#72
Danulus posted...
I hope she is a support champ. Could always use more.

3 years ago#73
This may have been asked and answered either here or there, but that's a lot of reading - if you don't purchase Karma before they release this rework, will that legacy skin or whatever be attainable, or is this a one time kind of thing? Presumably 975 RP, or have they not said?

Edit: Nevermind, went through all the red posts and found the answer.

? ? ?
3 years ago#74
So Karma Classic will be a skin, and that thing what looks like an Irelia skin will be the new default?

I'm confus.
3 years ago#75
Wow, I was saving up for Win Nao, but i'll get Karma ASAP! As a support-mage i'm sure she'll be excellent in the mid lane looking at the other support-mages. She looks hot as well.
3 years ago#76
It's about time! I loved playing Karma before so hopefully her popularity won't skyrocket.
3 years ago#77
From: Dartkun | #045
King of Cats posted...

Aha, aha, ahahaha.

Pink and Yellow aren't too bad.

Blue is definitely questionable...

Green should show a bit behind her other leg.

But Riot being Riot.

From: King of Cats | #046
Yellow not too bad?
Even assuming she has ****ing huge latissimi dorsi, that's horribly wrong.
You'd need to rotate to the side a LOT to get that effect, but as you can tell from her left breast being higher than her right breast, she is not rotated even slightly in that direction.

Is this where I voice my disgust for the new Lux splash? Liefeld would be proud.
This is fact and cannot be disputed.
3 years ago#78
Free skin?
*Throws imaginary IP at screen*
3 years ago#79
13loop posted...
I wish the new skin would only be available to those that had her before the leak, but that's just a karma player's opinion

I was thinking the same thing.

I love the traditional skin but I love the new one as well. Definitely switching up skins every game or so.

I'm just a little down that Karma may rise too high in popularity. Going to miss pre-rework Karma.
Akali defines true balance. Something the other Ionians can't do.
"Its the beginning of your ending"
3 years ago#80
I hope the sakura skin keeps her fan's.
I'm just a jogu.
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