Did I play a bad Elise, or is Lanewick a fantastic counter?

#11LithspPosted 3/8/2013 3:27:12 AM
Ducky_Momo posted...
From: Lithsp | #005
I actually think that Elise should stomp WW hard.
Even if somehow it was farm lane, I'd rather the farmed Elise on my team than one-trick-pony WW.

From: Lithsp | #007
Elise is better. >_>

From: Lithsp | #009
Elise stun him and run away if in danger. Or that spidey jump thing.

WW can't reach Elise without blowing his ult. Once that's down, stunned, Elise leaves NP.

Everytime WW is mentioned, you appear to bash him relentlessly. Did he murder your family or something? Do you hate him?

He's bloody useless.