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Since hitboxes have been changed now and then in this game...
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Black_Assassin1512/18 8:46PM
Woo! 51% and 12 MB left!SorrySleeping312/18 8:19PM
YR: faker starts playing on all accounts that dc in the middle of a gamelalelulelosop612/18 7:08PM
would you ratherlalelulelosop412/18 6:29PM
Watching Sirhcez play Nasus makes me feel really tense sometimes.
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MassOfFlesh1312/18 6:28PM
just played against someone with the worst name i ve ever seen in LoL
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xDarknezzx4412/18 6:27PM
Yesterday, I dealt the most champ damage in the game as Karma support.
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Pogo_Marimo1412/18 6:19PM
I've been gone for about a month or so, anything important to know?frogzx412/18 6:12PM
Ok..I have been converted
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lightdragoon881112/18 6:02PM
Flamers are fun.sk8r_ryan512/18 5:50PM
Talon is the most broken champ in king poro mode
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Unit10271912/18 5:27PM
soraka top rushing triforce is not a thingCrowsB4Hoes512/18 5:27PM
favorite position for Rek'Sai? (Poll)
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AKizle1712/18 5:26PM
well i just got 700 stacks by 30 minutes against heimer
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lalelulelosop2412/18 5:23PM
Champion and skin sale: 12/19 - 12/22
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lightdragoon881412/18 4:50PM
Lets talk MordekaiserTheshamen512/18 4:38PM
It seems like everyone is playing Ez Lucian Corki Graves Trist these daysprofzX1012/18 4:37PM
Quick question about giftingHakeemTheDream512/18 4:34PM
An honest trailer to League of Legends
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GooberSD2012/18 4:08PM
As a long time Darius jungler, a pro finally agrees with me
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baltoboulbobbi1412/18 3:57PM