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Why is it so bad to say, "gg ez"?
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Maniacaly_Sane127/24 5:52PM
can we get a new good MR item?
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ShinyGroundon297/24 5:40PM
you only have 5 minutes to pick and 5 minutes to ban in champ selectSeizureGoat67/24 5:36PM
Yorick helpdatdudeMcCoy57/24 5:25PM
Was the entire cinematic made to show how manly Darius is?
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AeternaNocturne407/24 5:14PM
you only have 5 seconds to pick and 5 seconds to ban in champ select
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MakeItSwain117/24 5:09PM
What's with the sudeen trend of releasing 2 skins at a time?dib15347/24 4:50PM
My Dota 2 friends are sad about their championship. Explain it to me?
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Walker_Real167/24 4:19PM
I wonder how Riot will tarnish Eight Rocks' skin selection down the road.Neo-Violen17/24 4:18PM
LCS 2014 EU Summer Week 10 Day 1 Discussion topic
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Nykza377/24 4:15PM
YOU now have complete control of 1 Champ's balance. Plot twist inside
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SeizureGoat247/24 4:09PM
They now offer a "league of legends lore" class at your local universitySeizureGoat57/24 4:07PM
Debonair Ezreal I wish they would give him...supershadonic37/24 3:58PM
I would sell my soul for a mecha skin (and the champs)ShadowNargacuga97/24 3:56PM
mecha skins officially announcedzhe_king_of_ape47/24 3:47PM
fighting soraka with caitlyn is so easyFightingBoar37/24 3:45PM
Main support: How to carry myself to Silver?
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Zyra-147/24 3:41PM
you know you carried when 3 of your teammates send you a f/r after the gameDiggleLord47/24 3:30PM
How's Jungle Nasus?CobraKingKiller87/24 3:09PM
forget everything you know about supporting. Welcome to the new ageimouto69107/24 3:06PM